I’m saying goodbye to Yellow House Coffee this week – at least as a barista.

By the weekend I’ll just be a regular customer. I’ll pay full price, stay on the front side of the bar, and keep an eye on the YHC social media for updates and new releases. I’ll be a normal coffee consumer again.

I could literally write for hours about the people I’ve met, the memories I made here, and how Yellow House has changed my life – but I’m going to try to keep it short and sweet.

I’ll start with the most important thing I could say.

Thank You

I didn’t drop off my resume at Yellow House Coffee in March of 2014 because I wanted to be a barista for my entire life, but the idea entered my head many times. At more than one point, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to leave because I loved working at Yellow House so much. The coffee drew me in, especially the craft of espresso. The systems, the skills, the passion.

But most of all, you drew me in.

I’m going to miss dialing in the espresso machine and pouring crisp art. I’m going to miss working with my fellow baristas to create new drinks and meaningful experiences. I’m going to miss the vivid sunrises coming through the windows.

But I’m going to miss you more.

I’ve loved serving you these last 3 years. Your smile, your laugh, your undercaffeinated drowsiness. You got me out of bed every morning. You drove me to over-caffeinate myself for the sake of making the coffee great. You made working here more rewarding than I can put into words.

You, beloved customer, are the charm of Yellow House.

2014 me had no idea how emotionally attached he was going to get to a small coffee shop.

You’re In Good Hands

Yellow House Coffee has a great team at the helm. Mostly because I trained them. Just kidding. Only some of them. Randall and Jillian are going to kill it as co-managers. The rest of the crew is skilled and continually learning. Our coffee will continue to improve, our service will continue to grow warmer, and our pastries will be as good as ever.

I’d love to serve you a few times before my countdown is up. Here are my final shifts:

  • Tuesday, 6 to 11
  • Wednesday, 6 to 11
  • Thursday, Noon to 5

After these shifts, you’ll still see me around the shop – for a while.

The Next Stage

Thankfully, I’m not leaving coffee entirely. I’ve already begun collecting clients for my freelance copywriting business – and most of them are coffee related. I’ll be using the freelance model to work entirely online, which will enable my wife and I to do some slow international travel over the next year or so. It’s a dream we can’t believe is becoming a reality.

We’ve got tickets to Brussels, Belgium for July 24th and hope to spend the month of August in Estonia and September in Bulgaria. Beyond that, we have nothing set in stone, but we expect to head to South America at the start of the new year.

If you’re at all interested in keeping up with our journey abroad, you’ll be able to via our blog, OdenVentures.com.

Frankly, I’m not sure I could have left Yellow House for anything less radical. That’s how much I’ve loved working there and serving you. Ironically, many of you were the inspiration that caused me to believe I could work in a creative field and shoot for the stars (well, other continents). I owe much of my writing success and confidence to travel to you.

Leaving is hard. You’ve made it hard.

I’ll miss Yellow House Coffee. I’ll miss you.

But I’m thrilled to explore, learn, and grow through a new journey. I hope I’ve been able to empower you to do the same these last 3 years of great coffee and a friendly smile.

Come let me serve you a couple more drinks before I transition back into normal person-dom!