The dominance of uber-sweet drinks and careless coffee consumption has causedĀ us – all of us – to be unable to appreciate Garrett Odenincredible products like coffee in theirĀ basic form. We forgot that coffee could speak for itself, that it had more to offer than the taste of “just coffee”.

The specialty coffee industry has fought an uphill battle in recent years for that very reason. How do you convince a convenience culture that a slow-brewed, no sugar added coffee drink can be incredibly special? The answer is simple, but difficult to enact: education.

Coffee is “just coffee” until we realize that it has the humble beginning as a small seed, and ends up a hot beverage. The curiosity creeps in and we pull up Google. Before long the names of the farmers, the techniques they use, the roasting philosophies, and the brewing styles all work together to form this complex system of giving and taking. And then you have the cup.

The wonder of coffee’s journey from bean to cup draws us in, inviting us to explore its depths. There is no more “just coffee” for those who have felt the pull of coffee’s mysteries.