If you’ve ever felt disappointed by your coffee at home, it’s actually a good sign. It means your taste buds are developing, that they want to explore, and that it’s time to upgrade from the Mr. Coffee Maker.

Taking the next step in your home coffee journey isn’t difficult. Just a few tools and a little focus will elevate your home coffee a stunning amount.

You may already have one or two of these. If so, excellent – you’re almost there! It’s the combination of all three that really works wonders, so we suggest the investment if you’re able and excited about incredible coffee at home.

A Burr Grinder

Believe it or not, a reliable and consistent burr grinder is the most important upgrade to make. Generally, coffee beans have about two weeks after their roasted before they leave peak freshness. From there, the flavors and body decline in quality slowly. If you buy pre-ground coffee, that period of peak freshness is only about 20 minutes long after you open the bag.


Coffee cell structures break down when they interact with oxygen (just like iron, apples, or popcorn) and the precious oils that carry incredible flavors and aromas evaporate away (sad!). When you buy whole bean coffee and wait to grind it until you’re ready to brew, you can experience coffee at its peak.

Being able to grind your own coffee beans just before brewing is what transforms decent coffee into delicious coffee.

A Strong Brewer

Those cheap auto drip coffee makers at Walmart aren’t just fire hazards, they’re coffee brewers too (bet you didn’t know that). Unfortunately, most of them aren’t built to brew great coffee – just to make sales. The water doesn’t get and stay hot enough, the shower heads don’t pour over all the coffee grounds consistently, and the baskets encourage uneven extraction. That’s not what you want.

If you like the auto drip brewing method, take a look at some of the SCA-Approved coffee makers, which offer the convenience of your regular pot, but don’t sacrifice on quality.

If those price tags ($150+) don’t appeal to you, we humbly and excitedly invite you to try out a French Press or Clever brewer, which are both very simple and effective ways of making full-flavored and balanced coffee. There’s also the Chemex or Aeropress, if you’re up for a tasty challenge.

These A+ brewers won’t keep your coffee from becoming what it’s made to be: delicious, balanced, and satisfying.

A Gram Scale

If you often think to yourself, “Does that look right? Uh, yeah. That’s enough”, as your scoop coffee into your brewer, you probably aren’t getting the results you want. A gram scale is the solution to your consistency issues and more.

A scale is what enables you to use the same amount of coffee and water every single time, eliminating the guessing. It also allows you to ensure that you’re brewing in the golden coffee to water ratio zone: 1:15 – 1:18. We use 1g coffee to 17g water at the shop and love it! Guessing probably lands you far outside that range, which contributes to imbalanced and unsatisfying coffee.

If you already own a kitchen scale, congratulations – you’re ahead of schedule! If not, the very scales we use in the shop are up for purchase if you come in.

If you want to explore the grand world of coffee, these items are your vehicle. If you have any questions about how to use them or what you should buy, come in and we’ll gladly help you settle on some gear (whether we sell it or not).

Happy brewing!