Lance Neffendorf

Lance and his wife co-founded Yellow House Coffee, motivated by their desire to bring people together over a cup of coffee. They have taken that approach to everything they do at Yellow House, wanting to have direct relationships in all aspects of the business from the consumer to their suppliers. They desire to create direct relationships with local people and businesses. When they are not at the shop they enjoy hanging out with friends and serving at their church. Stacie works part time as a Speech Therapist at PTI in town. They are both Texas Tech Alumni. If Lance was a bean he would be a Pacamara bean where they produce great quality cups when planted on Mountains! If he could pick anywhere to live geographically it would be the Mountains!

Garrett Oden

Garrett recently graduated from Lubbock Christian University with a degree in Bible / Missions. Garrett loves working behind the bar, brewing coffee, and getting to know everyone who comes into the shop. Garrett loves learning all he can about the craft of coffee. If he were to describe himself as any type of coffee bean he would be an, “unroasted, green coffee bean, because my potential is unknown.” Stop in, grab a drink, and get to know Garrett. You’ll be glad you did.

Randall Jackson

Randall has been working at Yellow House for over two years. He is a junior at Lubbock Christian University studying education. If Randall were to describe himself as any type of coffee bean, he would be, “a natural processed Ethiopian bean… because they’re the sweetest”. Come in and get to know Randall!

Jillian Peck

Meet Jillian. She says, “Hello!” Jillian comes from a family of 14 and calls California, Colorado, and Texas home. When she’s not serving liquid delight, she’s road tripping, crafting, and reading her Bible. If she were a coffee bean she would be of the Geisha variety because she’s unique, complex, and rare. Don’t let her height fool you, she’s skilled in the way of the barista.

Sommer O’Brien

Sommer O’Brien is the keeper of the pastries at Yellow House Coffee (some call her the baker). If she were a pastry she would be a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie because like cookies, she’s better with coffee. When she’s not in her graduate counseling classes, she’s sipping on cappuccinos and going to concerts. Come try a muffin or bagel and get to know Sommer!

Tanner Richardson

Have you met the bearded wonder and man of faith, Tanner Richardson? When he’s not killing it behind the bar, he’s learning about anything and everything. Recently, he’s journeyed deep into the worlds of coffee and beard-care. If Tanner was a coffee bean he would be a natural process Ethiopian, because like those coffees, he has a unique and wild personality.

Kelci Merrick

This is Kelci Merrick! Her favorite hobbies include: hiking, camping, climbing, running, reading, writing, and coffee of course! If Kelci could be any coffee she would, “Be a peaberry. Peaberries are two halves that have fused together. I’m pregnant so it’s kinda like two humans fused together…right? Peaberries are often considered more flavorful than regular beans and are of very high quality. Also, they roast at a higher speed…much like me at the beach.” Kelci is as talented as she is witty and kind!

Sommer O’Brien