Coffee is an art and a science, but our passion for it is drawn from its incredible capacity to bring people together. Yellow House aims to create an atmosphere of community and growth for every person who enters our space. From the Southern hospitality to the quality of our menu, we strive to craft a stellar experience.

2015-06-05_08.16.33_1Our story is one centered around genuine relationships and communal growth. Our pursuit of bringing some of the world’s best coffees to Lubbock, TX is generated from our conviction that how we live and do business affects real people locally and globally. We could not exist on our own – we are bound together with others throughout the world.

Why Direct Trade?

The history of farmer abuse and sourcing shortcuts is long and thick, but these destructive habits are being put to rest through the practice and attitude of direct trade, which is transforming the way coffee is purchased around the globe. Here are some of the key principals of the direct trade model:

  • The coffee roaster and farmer negotiate costs and projects directly, and legitimate relationships are formed through farm visits and face-to-face dialogue.
  • Transparency becomes a core value in the process, with the farmer and roaster working together to find a balance that benefits the buyer and the seller. Without middlemen exporters and importers, direct trade farmers receive at least 25% more for their crop than fair trade farmers.
  • Quality becomes an effort sustained by the roaster and the farmer as they work together to improve systems, grow better crops, and increase the quality of life for both parties.

While Yellow House does not source coffees on its own, we participate in the direct trade effort by brewing and selling coffees roasted by Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, who is committed to ethical sourcing of fantastic coffees.

Lance Neffendorf of Yellow House Coffee and Shannon Neffendorf of Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters are continually using their brother smarts to provide amazing coffees in welcoming atmospheres.