Yellow House Coffee

We are more than a coffee shop. We are a community of creators, students, thinkers, families, and, of course, coffee lovers.

Our specialty grade coffee is our pride, but the quality-minded attitude spreads to everything we serve, from pastries, to tea, to Saturday breakfast.

Through ethically sourced coffee to local business partnerships, Yellow House Coffee is committed to cultivating relationships down the street and across the world.


Monday – Thursday: 6am to 9pm

Friday: 6am to 10pm

Saturday: 7am to 10pm


3017 34th St

Lubbock, TX 79410

Where Peace and Happiness Meet

Yellow House Coffee

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What is Pour Over Coffee?

I once thought that pour over coffee brewing was just something invented by hipsters to make coffee look more hip and difficult. I once thought there was no legitimate reason why anyone would choose to make pour over coffee, that it was merely a waste of time and...
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Coffee Misconceptions: Espresso – What Is It?

I remember walking down the coffee aisle when I was young (like 20 years old) and wondering what made certain coffees "espresso" and some not. It's an understandable question. Most coffee packaging we see in grocery stores poorly communicates what it means when a...
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Monkey to Modern: the Cappuccino

Which is the true cappuccino? Espresso with whipped cream and sprinkled chocolate; espresso with 6oz of creamy milk and mircofoam; or a any size drink containing 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk, and 1/3 foam? Here's a hint: it's a trick question. Larger American coffee chains...
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