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Monkey to Modern: the Cappuccino

Which is the true cappuccino? Espresso with whipped cream and sprinkled chocolate; espresso with 6oz of creamy milk and mircofoam; or a any size drink containing 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk, and 1/3 foam? Here’s a hint: it’s a trick question. Larger American...
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Coffee Fundamentals

Coffee’s existence is far more complex that most would assume. It’s not a random bean that magically appears in bags and cans. It’s not a powder that you can just add to water to achieve a tasty beverage. It’s a seed from a cherry with an...
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What is Specialty Coffee?

Once we took cans off the shelves of the nearest grocery store because that was the only option. Countries of origin mattered not, because they all tasted about the same anyway. Eventually we began experimenting. Ice cream, chocolate, and whipped cream became...
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